A Section family was able to safely escape the fire that destroyed their home earlier this week.  However, they lost everything in the fire.

A fund named Section House Fire has been established at First National Bank for those wishing to give monetary donations. You may donate at any branch.

The family is currently staying in a hotel, so they do not have anywhere to put larger household items.    Donations of clothes for the family may be taken to Section High School during school hours.  Large tubs have been placed outside the school for these items, and they are checked frequently.  Should the bins be full, items in bags or boxes may be placed beside the bins.

 “We really appreciate all the things people are doing for us,” said the mother.

There are four children and two adults in the family.  The sizes needed for each child and adult are listed below.

Teenage girl #1 wears an adult large in shirts and tops, size 12 jeans, and a 7.5 shoe. Teenage girl #2 wears an adult extra-large in shirts and tops, size 14 jeans, and 8.5 shoes. The youngest girl wears a children’s size 8 in clothes and a size one shoe.  The baby boy of the family wears 24 months and needs size 6 in diapers. 

The adults are adult size large shirts and tops, size 12 jeans, and size 7.5 shoe for the female.  The males wears size 36 or 38 jeans, adult large in shirts, and shoes size 8.5.

The mother said that the girls have received more things than the baby boy. She and her husband are more concerned about the needs of their children than themselves.

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