The city of Scottsboro’s residential curbside recycling program will resume service beginning Monday, Sept. 9, with cardboard and plastic products. The recycling program has been suspended since Jan. 7.

“People have been frustrated and I understand,” said Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton. “I’ve recycled for many years myself. When we started [the recycling program] back, we wanted to make sure we had several steps in place.”

City Council President Patrick Stewart said it was wonderful that the recycling program is starting back up. He said he was glad to see the progression to where the program could be resumed.

Recycling will be collected using the city’s current garbage pick-up schedule, but a separate truck will collect recycling. Residential recycling pick-up will resume on a staggered schedule. During the transition, a new pick-up day will be added each week. Transition schedule:

  • First week (9/9/19) – Monday pick up only
  • Second week (9/16/19) – Monday and Tuesday pick up
  • Third week (9/23/19) – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday pick up
  • Fourth week (9/30/19) – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday pick up

At this time, only cardboard and plastics will be collected. All plastics must be placed in the city’s designated recycling bags. Plastic products must be emptied of liquid and caps must be removed before placing in the recycling bag. These blue bags will be available for citizens to pick up at these locations:

  • City Hall
  • Scottsboro Solid Waste Department
  • Scottsboro Police Department
  • Scottsboro Fire Station 1
  • Scottsboro Rec*Com

The Solid Waste Department plan to incorporate metals into the recycling program at a later date. Shelton said hopefully metals will be incorporated within another month.

The Solid Waste Department also plans to establish recycling drop off locations throughout the city. Shelton said the drop off points will be at the Farmer’s Market, an empty building at the airport and they are close to having a third drop off point.

Shelton said the goals for the recycling program are to break even and keep recycled products out of the landfill.

Residential recycling is a voluntary program provided by the city. Contact the Scottsboro Solid Waste Department with any questions at 256.259.5548.

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