Cristina Francisco

Cristina Francisco

Cristina Francisco

Scottsboro High School Junior

A young lady who maintains perfect attendance, plays soccer, and speaks three languages is this week’s outstanding youth. 

Cristina Francisco is a junior at Scottsboro High School.

Cristina is a Top Cat and a member of FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America).  She is a mostly A and B student. She came to this country when she was in fifth grade and has been learning English since that time. 

She will tell you that she has struggled in some subjects because she is still working on the language, but she does not let that get her down.  She is happy to be at Scottsboro High School.

This teen is also involved in sports. She has been playing soccer for four years and really likes it.

Math is Cristina’s favorite school subject. 

“It is just thinking about and solving problems,” she said.

In addition to English, Cristina speaks Spanish which is her native language and dialect. 

Cristina has a part-time job at Buena Vista.

When she has free time, she enjoys reading and playing soccer with her friends.  She also loves helping people and translating to people who need help in understanding the language being spoken to them. 

Cristina would tell incoming freshmen to get involved by joining clubs and playing a sport they love.  “Ask for help when you need it,” she adds.  “Make special memories with your friends.”

This Wildcat fan loves the black and gold tradition of Scottsboro High School. She loves dressing up for football games and pep rallies. 

“When you leave Scottsboro High School, you will always be a part of the Wildcat Nation,” she said.  “It is great to be a part of the Wildcat Nation. Junior year is amazing!”

Cristina lives with her aunt and uncle, Doningo Felix and Cristina Francisco. She attends Iglesia De Cristo Elim in Albertville. 

She enjoyed attending the retreat in Panama City, Florida.

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