Students at Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) never miss an opportunity to give back to the community. When a fire devastated a boat dock at Jackson County Park in Scottsboro last month, NACC’s Rotaract Club jumped into action. The club hosted a “sweets” sale in the Student Center on Feb. 4, raising over $800 for the Fire Victims Fund.

“I am proud of our Rotaract students for the service they provide to our area,” said NACC President Dr. David Campbell. “Faculty sponsor Keith McBride does an excellent job in leading them.”

Rotaract sponsor Keith McBride is proud of the way students responded to the tragic fire.

“Working with this group of Rotaract members is truly an honor. This group is dedicated to the service of our campus and community. I am thankful for the group of leaders that we have and their passion for service,” said McBride.

Rotaract’s mission includes addressing the physical and social needs of a community. NACC Rotaract President Lauren Mills echoed this saying, “I feel that Rotaract’s mission is to improve not just the community, but each individual as well. Rotaract brings people from all around together to share an interest of serving the community. This organization also strengthens students’ morals and principles. The sweets sale is a great example of this.”

Mallori Gorham, Rotaract Secretary, also spoke about the club’s efforts, “The mission of Rotaract is to help the community, student body, and anyone in need. We have a great club here at NACC that serves in many different areas, helping in any way we can. We, as a club, heard of this horrible incident and knew we needed to do our part in giving back. Rotaract Club was happy to raise the funds that we did and donate all that was collected. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.”

Rotaract officers Mills and Gorham donated the funds to the Fire Victims Fund at FNB Bank in Scottsboro. 

Mills added, “I want to thank everyone who participated in the pastry sale by bringing sweets, volunteering to serve, or buying the sweets. None of this could have been possible without everyone who volunteered.” NACC’s Rotaract Club is sponsored by the Rotary Club in Scottsboro.

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