Eric Scott

Eric Scott

A former college and arena football player is in the Jackson County Jail, accused of murder.

Eric Maurice Scott, 37 of Hollywood, was arrested Monday afternoon in connection with the death of Anna Grogan, 45 of Hollywood.

Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen, of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, said authorities received a call a person shot in a trailer on County Road 36 in Hollywood around 2:35 p.m. Monday.

When authorities arrived at the location, Harnen said Scott would not come out of the residence.

“We were communicating with him,” said Harnen. “He was making threats against anyone coming inside the residence.”

Harnen said authorities used gas canisters inside the residence, but Scott still would not come out. Finally, deputies and investigators made their way inside.

“We located him hiding behind a counter,” said Harnen.

Harnen said authorities found Grogan deceased from a gunshot wound inside the residence. He said it appeared that Scott and Grogan had been in a relationship for several months.

Scott’s brother, Kelcey Scott, 44 of Scottsboro, was also arrested. Harnen said Kelcey Scott arrived at the scene during the incident and refused to leave.

“He was concerned with his brother, I get it,” said Harnen. “But you can’t put people in danger. Officers needed to be looking at the residence, not at him.”

Kelcey Scott was charged with obstructing governmental operations. He was taken to the county jail and later released.

Harnen said a weapon was located inside the residence, along with some drugs, including methamphetamine.

Eric Scott played college football at the University of Southern Mississippi and had a lengthy career in arena football.

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