A Scottsboro man was arrested Tuesday afternoon on theft charges, accused of stealing money from a local business he claims he was in a partnership agreement with.

Robert Brian Butler, 36 of Scottsboro, was arrested during a traffic stop around 3:44 p.m. Tuesday and served with a theft first warrant.

Moments before his arrest, Butler posted on his personal Facebook page that he was no longer affiliated with Marco’s Pizza in Scottsboro, saying the deal between the former owner and himself had collapsed.

Lt. Erik Dohring, of the Scottsboro Police Department, said Butler is accused of stealing at least $16,500 from the business.

“We are still looking,” Dohring said in regard to more money being stolen.

On his Facebook page, Butler said the owner is telling people he stole $25,000, which Butler claims is not true.

“At the end of the day, [the owner] is trying to take credit for my hard work and steal what is in fact MY money,” wrote Butler.

Butler was transported to the Scottsboro City Jail, and then later transferred to the Jackson County Jail, where he remains on a $5,300 bond.

According to the sheriff’s office, Butler, a former production manager at the Jackson County Sentinel, is wanted in two separate counties in Georgia.

In Jones County, Georgia, he is wanted on four counts of deposit account fraud. According to a spokesperson from the Jones County Sheriff’s Office, Butler is accused of stealing a total of $4,465.57 in four separate incidents in 2016.

In Putnam County, Georgia, Butler, while serving as a scoutmaster, plead guilty of theft by taking after stealing more than $1,500 raised by his troop, including money from popcorn sales in October and November 2015.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said he personally arrested Butler after he obtained a search warrant for forced entry because Butler refused to come to the door of the residence where he was staying.

Butler was sentenced to total of five years to be served on probation.

Sills said currently his office has a probation violation warrant against Butler, issued on Nov. 8, 2016.

Sills said on May 18, 2017 he obtained a court order “tolling” Butler’s probation due to his being a fugitive.

“His original sentence of five years on probation was suspended at that time by the order of the court, which means he still owes Georgia basically four years from the day of the tolling,” said Sills. “We will extradite Mr. Butler back to Georgia should Alabama decide to release him from custody.”

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