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Cooper Atkins (second from right) and Hayden Judge (far right) finished first and second respectively in the Class 1A-5A 3200- meter race at the Magic City Invitational.

The Scottsboro indoor track and field teams opened the 2019-20 season with strong performances.

The SHS boys had three event wins and the girls and boys teams registered a combined 28 Top-10 finishes during the Magic City Invitational at the Birmingham Crossplex on Saturday.

Scottsboro was the top Class 1A-5A finishing team in the boys standings and was second in the 1A-5A girls standings.

Scottsboro head coach Luke Robinson said it was "absolutely" a great start to the season for his teams. Scottsboro is the defending Class 1A-5A boys state indoor champion and was third in the girls division a year ago.

On Saturday, Cooper Atkins, the 2019 Class 5A individual cross country state champion, won the 1A-5A division's 3200-meter run with a time of 9:26.44. Meanwhile, Rex Green won the 1600-meter run with a time of 4:31.84, and Atkins, Green, Zach Avenel and Hayden Judge won the 4x800-meter relay with a time of 8:11.00.

Judge also finished second in the 3200-meter run (9:30.91) while Evan Hill was fifth (9:53.36) and Avenel seventh (10:06.05).

Alex Cantrell finished second for Scottsboro in the triple jump (40-01.25) and third in the long jump (19-01) while Maddox Hamm was third in the pole vault (12 feet, 6 inches), Logan Roberts fourth in the high jump (5-02) and Nathan Jones finished fifth in the shot put (43-02). 

Scottsboro 4x400-meter boys “A” relay team of Brandon Cloud, Green, Roberts and Elijah Moorman finished third (3:52.34) while the 4x200 team of Cloud, Moorman, Cantrell and Roberts finished fifth (1:41.89).

Emma Bradford and Isabella Noble had the top finishes for the SHS girls. Bradford finished second in the 1600-meter run (5:56.91) while Noble was second in the 3200 (12:05.79). Anna Carlson posted a third-place finish in the 800 (2:35.30), and the Scottsboro 4x400 relay team of Lauren Paradise, Carlson, Isabelle Flores and Charlsi Henderson finished second while the 4x800 “A” team of Carlson, Paradise, Flores and Noble finished third (10:56.07).

Here are Scottsboro's complete results from the Magic City Invitational:


60-meter dash

27. Makayla Keel (8.91)

29. Charlsi Henderson (8.91)

400-meter dash

16. Charlsi Henderson (1:07.46)

47. Emily Littles (1:16.03)

800-meter run

3. Anna Carlson (2:35.30)

6. Isabelle Flores (2:40.42)

15. Lauren Paradise (2:48:06)

16. Cambree Bradford (2:49.03)

1600-meter run

2. Emma Bradford (5:56.91)

5. Mabry Bonsall (6:02.19)

15. McCall Chandler (6:26.15)

16. Cadence Laughlin (6:26.53) 

22. Shelton Linville (6:49.54)

25. Lauren Judge (6:57.72)

3200-meter run

2. Isabella Noble (12:05.79)

5. Ally Campbell (12:44.71)

6. Maddie Gossett (12:55.00) 

4x400-meter relay

2. Scottsboro “A” – Lauren Paradise, Anna Carlson, Isabelle Flores and Charlsi Henderson (4:32.68)

8. Scottsboro “B” – Cambree Bradford, Emily Littles, McCall Chandler and Cadence Laughlin (5:00.20)

4x800-meter relay

3. Scottsboro “A” – Anna Carlson, Lauren Paradise, Isabelle Flores and Isabella Noble (10:56.07)

7. Scottsboro “B” – Cambree Bradford, Maddie Gossett, Emma Bradford and McCall Chandler (11:35.81)

9, Scottsboro “C” – Emily Littles, Mabry Bonsall, Ally Campbell and Cadence Laughlin (11:45.33)

High jump

9. Emily Littles (4 feet)

Pole vault

6. Makayla Keel (8-06)

Shot put

9. Emily Fortson (27-00)

13. Amy Roberts (24-05)

21. Tristan Wallingsford (20-02.5)



60-meter dash

9. Alex Cantrell (7.57)

15. Brandon Cloud (7.70)

400-meter dash

7. Brandon Cloud (55.83)

18. Ridge Wells (57.74)

24. Brody Williams (58.78)

25. Elijah Moorman (59.15)

27. Logan Roberts (59.71)

53. Zack Arthur (1:06.10)

62. Cameron Thompson (1:09.43)

1600-meter run

1. Rex Green (4:31.84)

6. Josue Vela Castillo (4:50.12)

7. Ben Gossett (4:51.08)

9. Noah Bonsall (4:53.75)

11. Hamilton Richardson (4:59.50)

15. Wilson Hill (5:14.70)

16. Josh Hill (5:14.78)

17. Stephen Jones (5:16.09)

21. Cameron Estes (5:18.14)

27. River Green (5:34.84)

39. Joe Black (5:42.19)

45. Mcgee Kilgore (5:49.58)

48. Skylar Reichle (5:58.01)

58. Christian Kilgore (6:26.11)

3200-meter run

1. Cooper Atkins (9:26.44)

2. Hayden Judge (9:30.91)

5. Evan Hill (9:53.36)

7. Zach Avenel (10:06.05)

4x200-meter relay

5. Scottsboro – Brandon Cloud, Elijah Moorman, Alex Cantrell and Logan Roberts (1:41.89)

4x400-meter relay

3. Scottsboro “A” - Brandon Cloud, Rex Green, Logan Roberts and Elijah Moorman (3:52.34)

5. Scottsboro “B” – Josue Vela Castillo, Ridge Wells, Ben Gossett and Brody Williams (3:56.09)

7. Scottsboro “C” – Zach Arthur, Josh Hill, Hamilton Richardson and Connor Massey (4:10.38)

4x800-meter relay

1. Scottsboro “A” – Cooper Atkins, Rex Green, Hayden Judge, Zach Avenel (8:11.00)

5. Scottsboro “C” – Josh Hill, Wilson Hill, Hamilton Richardson, Ridge Wells (9:39.18

N/A. Scottsboro “B” (DNF)

High jump

4. Logan Roberts (5-02)

Long jump

3. Alex Cantrell (19-01)

Triple jump

2. Alex Cantrell (40-01.25)

Pole vault

3. Maddox Hamm (12-06)

Shot put

5. Nathan Jones (43-02)

14. Jonah Warren (33-09.25)

18. Brady Shaw Killen (31-09)

22. Zach Riley (30-01)

29. Jo Carlile (22-11)

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