A Scottsboro teenager, charged as an adult in connection with the death of another teenager, is now facing manslaughter charges.

Capt. Erik Dohring, of the Scottsboro Police Department, said Monday afternoon that charges against Jacob Taylor Isbell, 16 of Scottsboro, have been upgraded from assault first degree to manslaughter.

Dohring said Isbell is currently in the Jackson County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

Isbell has been charged in connection with the death of Anthony Scott, 17 of Scottsboro. According to Dohring, several juveniles were together at a residence in the 19,000 block of Highway 35 playing around with several handguns that were later discovered to be stolen.

“While the juveniles werer playing, one of the guns went off, and [Scott] was shot in the face,” said Dohring.

Dohring said the victim was transported to Highlands Medical Center by the other juveniles, and later flown to Erlanger Hospital, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Dohring said the Scottsboro Police Department received multiple reports of breaking and entering of vehicles and thefts in around the area of the 19,000 block of Highway 35.

“The handguns from the shooting incident have been recovered and linked to those breaking and entering cases,” said Dohring.

Dohring said a juvenile has been arrested and charged with theft first degree. The incident remains under investigation.

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