The Jackson County Sentinel is always looking to improve the content we publish. Our goal is to support and promote the community, while providing a resource for news, sports, advertisements, commentary and specialty publications.

In an effort to continue improving the paper, I am asking for your help. While serving on the Scottsboro City Council, I was always eager to hear from what the citizens of Scottsboro wanted and needed.

In my current position, I’m asking all of Jackson County to share with us what you are interested in reading.

I may be asking for too much, however, I am genuinely interested in your ideas. I’m hoping the response to this column is met with positive reactions from the community.

Send us your Letters to the Editor. Let us know what you think about what is happening in our community, state and abroad. You may want to thank an organization that has helped the community in one way or another.

You may even find it necessary to tell us how much you appreciate the efforts we do as a newspaper.

We really do want to know how we are doing. I want to know; our staff wants to know. And we all certainly wish to improve it.

While we absolutely aim to bring to print what you ask us to cover, at times it isn’t always possible. Of course, Letters to the Editor must be written in a clean and respectful manner.

Covering multiple events in a week is not always workable. We have a limited staff that covers a very large county. High school sports are covered thoroughly, while local and community events are covered as our writers have the time to dedicate away from writing dozens of local articles every month.

Let’s face it, you can’t pick up any other product and receive local news, sports, community coverage and other resourceful information that the Jackson County Sentinel provides.

Our feature stories are generated, written and produced here.

Do we have room for improvement? Of course, we do have room to improve! And we will get there. The improvements will not occur overnight. Little by little you will begin seeing small changes that have a great impact on what we provide to the community three days a week.

I recently interviewed one of our employees for an upcoming feature. I don’t want to give too much away, but during our discussion he mentioned that people have our product on the refrigerator, in scrapbooks, shoeboxes and in museums. That is an impressive accomplishment.

What we produce is of value. What we publish is seen. What we print is saved and often times, treasured.

Help us continue the work we do by sending us your Letters to the Editor, sending us story ideas and keeping us up-to-date with community events. We produce this paper for you, our readers, and we want you to have a voice in your local, hometown newspaper.

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