Patrick Stewart sits in his man cave surrounded by artifacts from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, all of which he found metal detecting. Patrick has been able to share this hobby with his son, Mason, just as Patrick’s father shared his hobbies with him.

Patrick remembers his dad, Hugh, waking him up at daylight in the summer months to go fishing.

“That was a passion of his,” said Patrick. “He loved fishing.”

Whenever Hugh would get home from the lake, the first thing Patrick would do was jump in the boat to see what he had caught that day. Patrick said some of the fish were bigger than him.

Patrick also remembers people coming over to their house to talk with Hugh about where to go fishing and what to use once they got there.

Hugh made fishing lures, and he even had some patents on some lures. He would also write articles and submit them to Bassmaster Magazine. He wrote about lures, keeping a log while fishing and more. When Patrick was in high school, he remembers Hugh receiving a phone call telling him that one of his articles had been published.

Hugh had two articles published in Bassmaster Magazine and another published in Bass Fishing Guide. One of Hugh’s articles was selected as the one of the Best of Bassmasters, and it was out in a commemorative book, which Patrick still has. Patrick and Mason went fishing with one of Hugh’s lures recently.

“It’s neat to see some of the techniques he wrote about in 1971 still being used today,” said Patrick.

Patrick has been able to share his love for metal detecting with Mason, like Hugh shared his love of fishing with Patrick. Patrick got into metal detecting after having conversations about local history with one of his customers. One day, the man asked if Patrick had ever been metal detecting. He was hooked the first time he went.

Patrick remembers the first time he metal detected. It was a cold, March morning, and they did not find anything. Patrick said he got excited every time the metal detector went off. Since then, Patrick has found countless artifacts and, like his dad, has been published in a magazine for diggers and collectors.

One of Patrick’s hunting buddies has written several articles for American Digger Magazine, and Patrick was named in just about every story. Patrick’s motivation to write comes from several places.

It comes from the articles his father wrote, his wife tells him that he is a good story teller, and it comes from collecting letters from the Civil War and seeing how articulate those men wrote in their letters.

Patrick said there was no telling how many times he rewrote, proofread and had other people proofread the first article he submitted to American Digger. Patrick said he waited and waited for notification that the article would be published. When he found out it was going to be published, he was overcome with emotion.

“I almost started crying to be honest, because I knew Dad had written those articles for Bassmaster,” said Patrick. “I was elated.”

In February, Patrick got to share his love of metal detecting with Mason. Patrick said it was an epic hunt. They went to a spot in Stevenson where he knew they would be able to dig some bullets.

They went to the top of the mountain where Patrick had always wanted to hunt, and Mason found his first Civil War Union general service button, some bullets and a silver watch fob with a citrine gem on the end. Patrick wrote about his hunt with Mason, and it was published in the latest edition of American Digger Magazine.

Patrick said they did not hunt long, but the memories made there will last forever

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