After 31 years, CUBB (Citizens United for a Better Bridgeport) will celebrate its annual Christmas parade in downtown Bridgeport on Dec. 7, at 11:30 a.m.

Grand Marshals of the parade will be John and Senniah Bobenage. The Bobenage’s came to Bridgeport from Madison, Ohio 12 years ago when John accepted a job as mine manager for Lhoist in Andderson, Tennessee.

They have four grown daughters, who live in northern Illinois, northern Tennessee and southern Louisiania.

After Senniah looked at several bluff homes in Monteagle, she decided she was a “valley girl” and was very happy to find a home on Lois Lane in Bridgeport.

Senniah worked as an administrative assistant at Rudder Funeral Home in Scottsboro for seven years and retired in 2015. John retired about the same time. Both believe that it is important to not just live in a community but be a part of the community.

They are both very involved in the Lions Club in Bridgeport (John as president and Senniah as treasurer) and, in the last year, have been part of the Thriving Communities and Tennessee River Initiatives.

In addition, the parade will feature new and former participants including the North Jackson High School Band, cheerleaders, scouts, team sports with their respective coaches, queens, various clubs, the Shriners with their unique automobiles, former grand marshals and much more.

CUBB will carry out their theme, “America the Beautiful,” as they honor the 78th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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