Hot, Fresh Pizza

Since 1972, Geno’s has offered fresh, handmade pizza to loyal customers in Scottsboro.

Since 1972, Geno’s has been a family destination for handmade pizza that some call ‘a little piece of Heaven in a circle.’

Now owned by Cindy Law, Geno’s serves up more than 100 pizzas a day on their lunch buffet alone.

“The buffet has every kind of pizza we serve along with chicken fingers, wings, fresh breadsticks and a big salad bar,” said Delisa Edgar. “There is also spaghetti and cake, so there’s a little something for everyone.”

Edgar has worked at Geno’s for 10 years and said there is nothing on the menu she does not like.

“Our pizza is like Heaven in a circle,” she said. “I eat it every single day.”

Everything at Geno’s is made fresh each day. The popular chicken fingers are hand cut, never frozen, and breaded by hand, Edgar said.

“We also have about 15 different sauces to choose from including ‘hot, mild, 1x, or ‘burn your face off,’” she joked. “We sell a lot of Buffalo Chicken sub sandwiches and the customers love the big selection of sauces.”

One of Edgar’s favorites is Geno’s homemade Ranch dressing.

“I put it on everything,” she said. “Our Ranch is awesome. We make it every day in five-gallon buckets and sometimes we need more than that. I’m not kidding, it’s so good you could drink it with a straw.”

With a full service pub on one side and a family dining area on the other, the atmosphere at Geno’s has something for everyone.

“It’s a great place to bring your family or to have a girl’s night out or guy’s night out,” she said. “We’ve got the ability to accommodate your needs or fit almost any occasion.

“The restaurant seats 175, and we have a private section that seats 40 people, so customers can sit away from the crowd if they’d like to,” she said. “We just want them to have a good experience here each and every time they come.”

After 10 years, there are not many customers Edgar does not know by name.

“We know you here and we make you feel welcome,” she said. “After about three visits, we’ll usually call you by name when you come in and remember what you like to drink before you even ask.”

Edgar is also partial to the restaurant’s busy atmosphere.

“I love it when we are super-busy,” she said. “We have a great team and we all pull together and get the job done. At the end of the day, that’s a good feeling.”

Jamie Long, of Scottsboro, has been a cook at Geno’s for more than a year and loves his job.

“It’s close to home, the hours are good and the people are good to work with,” he said.

Long is proud of the food at Geno’s and is careful to make sure each pizza he prepares looks as good as it tastes.

“We have terrific food,” he said.

Customers say there are many reasons they come back to Geno’s.

“It’s a great atmosphere,” said Clay Gorham, of Pisgah. “It’s a good, family environment and the food selection is good.”

Gorham’s favorite menu item is Geno’s ‘Hot wing pizza, something Edgar said is “the bomb-dot com.”

“That’s all I can say about it,” she said with a smile. “You’ll just have to try it and see.”

Geno’s is open Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., and offers pick-up orders during all business hours.

The lunch buffet is all-you-care-to-eat and includes tea for just $8.99.

“I eat here every day,” said Chelsea Reese, a waitress at Geno’s. “Even on my days off, I come in for the buffet. The food is fantastic.”

While you are there, Reese also recommends buying a Geno’s t-shirt at the front counter.

“We have them in almost any color,” she said. “They are only $8.50, and we sell a lot of them.”

With two locations, it is easy to place an order by phone. Just call Geno’s at: 256-574-1533, in Scottsboro, or in Stevenson, call: 256-663-2186.

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