Circuit Judge Jenifer Holt has denied Brittany Smith’s motions to dismiss her murder case and immunity from criminal prosecution.

Smith is charged in the January 2018 murder of Joshua Todd Smith, 38 of Jasper, Tennessee.

Brittany Smith has maintained Smith raped her and, in self-defense, she shot and killed him.

Holt wrote in her court order that “[Brittany Smith] did not credibly demonstrate that she reasonably believed it was necessary for her to use deadly force in this situation. The court finds that the defendant has failed to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that she was justified in using deadly physical force.”

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Rape is Rape Whether you know me Know my family ...Rape was proven by rape kit,No human has the right to take your dignity/Force you to do something you said NO to. Unless you know rape personally, Stand your ground if lucky enough to live afterwords.

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