Last Sunday, while sitting in church, I started to think about what I should pray for that day. I suppose we can pray for anything. It doesn’t matter; He is always listening.

He is willing to listen to all those who bend their knees, asking for guidance, begging for mercy and forgiveness and advocating for the innocence of others. I’m a firm believer that prayer works. However, there are many in this world that laugh at the thought.

We live in an area where many share our beliefs; they share our faith. We are sheltered from beliefs that differ from our own and often times we create a wall around us, blocking our minds from what exists. In turn, we are also closing our hearts.

I have a routine, just like most do, when I am in prayer. Personally, I like to start with my family. I ask that He look over them, protect them and provide them with a quality life – free from pain, suffering, injury and harm, yet a life filled with joy, happiness and success.

Once I have ran through the names of my family members, I then proceed to extended family, close friends and those who are fresh on my mind. If there are any worldly circumstances that I am passionate about, I will include them as well.

Of course, I could not forget my boys, all 17 of them. While they may live in seven countries across the world, they still remain close to my heart. For one year I was their “dad” and in that time we went through a lot together. We had our ups, and we had downs together. We have laughed together and we have cried together.

To me, they deserve to be included in my prayers. While some of them may not share my faith or beliefs, I believe He is willing to reach out to them to guide and protect them.

I rarely ask for prayers for myself, though I do include requests to fill my heart with patience, compassion and kindness toward others. I ask that He open my eyes to positivity and fairness. I pray I’m able to respect life and help those in need.

Little did I know that while all of these thoughts and prayers were flowing through my head, a member of my family had become ill. It was several hours after church that I knew his condition, but there I went on bended knee. I asked for His help and intervention to heal him and protect him. I asked He provide comfort to my family and wisdom and perseverance to the doctors.

Take some time to think about what you pray for in your daily or weekly routine. Our prayers can be made aloud, or they can be made in the silence of our hearts. It is a 24-hour service that always answers our call.

It doesn’t matter what we pray for, and it doesn’t matter the need. He is always listening.

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