The next meeting of the Jackson County Historical Association (JCHA) will be held on Sunday, Jan. 31, at 2 p.m., by Zoom call.

“It’s too cold to meet outside as we have for our last two meetings, and too dangerous to bring a crowd together at the Depot,” said Annette Bradford, of the JCHA. “We hope this format will encourage our out-of-town subscribers and Facebook members to participate.”

The speaker will be Dr. David Coffey, chairman of the History Department at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Coffey is the author of Soldier Princess: The Life and Legend of Agnes Salm-Salm in North America, 1861-1867.

Her husband, Union General Felix Salm-Salm, was a German prince who commanded Union forces in Bridgeport. Agnes lived in camp with her husband during the Civil War and raised money for the hospital.

In his review of the book, Steve Woodworth of Texas Christian University wrote, “Agnes Salm-Salm was brash, shocking, sometimes downright appalling, but always one of the most colorful characters of the Civil War. David Coffey brings her to life with impressive research and engaging style.”

A native of New Mexico, Coffey also wrote John Bell Hood and the Struggle for Atlanta: Sheridan’s Lieutenants: Phil Sheridan, His Generals, and the Final Year of the Civil War; and chapters in anthologies about the Civil War, Mexican War and Texas.

He teaches courses in History of the United States, American Military History, the histories of Latin America and Mexico, Imperial American, Antebellum America and the Civil War and Reconstruction at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

To sign up for this virtual meeting, send Blake Wilhelm your email address by adding the Google Form URL,, into your browser command line and provide your signup information. He will email an invitation to you on Friday, Jan. 29.

The meeting will recorded. Information about accessing the recording will be available on the JCHA Facebook page and in the next Chronicles. The meeting is free and everyone is invited to attend.

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