Three local first responders were recognized Monday night for their actions during the Jackson County Park marina fire. Pictured left to right: Scottsboro City Councilman Richard Bailey, Council President Patrick Stewart, Major Ron Latimer, Police Chief Ralph Dawe, Lt. Landon Baker, Robert Shook, Sgt. Brian Eakin, Fire Chief Gene Necklaus, Councilman Greg Mashburn and Councilman Gary Stewart.

Three local first responders were recognized at the Scottsboro City Council meeting Monday evening for their heroic actions during the marina fire at Jackson County Park on Jan. 27.

The three first responders honored were Sgt. Brian Eakin of the Scottsboro Police Department, Lt. Landon Baker of the Scottsboro Fire Department and Robert Shook of the Scottsboro Jackson County Rescue Squad.

Eakin was on a burglary alarm call at Scottsboro Gun and Pawn with Shook, owner of the business. They heard the call about a fire at Jackson County Park. The two men then went to the Scottsboro Jackson County Rescue Squad building to get a rescue boat. They launched the boat and went directly to Dock B once they got to county park.

While they were in the water, Eakin and Shook made contact with four people and pulled them into the boat. They took those people to shore and went back out. When they went out to find more, they made contact with three more people and pulled them into the boat and got them to safety.

Baker was preparing to fight the fire at Dock B when he saw someone in the water. He asked his supervisor if he could enter the water to try and rescue the person. When he was given the okay, he tied a rope around himself and jumped in the water.

He made contact with the distressed swimmer, and firefighters on the shore pulled Baker and the person out of the water.

The Scottsboro Police Department said the actions of these three men exemplified everything that is good about public service.

Scottsboro Fire Chief Gene Necklaus said, “Even though the work they do may not be normal to most, each of these three went outside their typical comfort zone and duties. Above and beyond, and I’m proud of them and knowing that they and so many like them are giving their best to protect people.”

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