Dear Editor:

March is Brain Injury Awareness month and I am writing to inform the community about services related to traumatic brain injury. 

1.7 million people will sustain a brain injury this year which can send people to the hospital, cause severe disability and even death. 

In an instant, a life can change to having cognitive, physical, and behavioral changes causing the need for access to care to increase for the rest of that life.

The Alabama Head Injury Foundation provides the coordination of resources for those that have sustained a traumatic brain injury. 

The survivors and their caregivers that we assist may need everything from home modification to access to housing or even money for utilities and food. 

For example, in your county, there are people with head injuries that need assistance obtaining disability to pay for medications and doctor’s appointments. There are people that do not have access to housing and can become homeless at the end of the month. 

There are people who are trying to live without knowing how having significant memory problems and can’t remember when/if they have eaten or taken medication and some have been through horrible abuse and do not know how to live on their own due to the brain injury they have suffered through. 

The Alabama Head Injury Foundation is a statewide non-profit providing free service to all who need assistance, support, and direction in finding their way to a new “normal” after sustaining a traumatic head injury. 

We honor all of the survivors and their caregivers throughout the country in the month of March by bringing increased awareness and access to proper care, to sustain and bolster brain injury programs, and provide advocacy to increase research to assist in care and prevention. 

Please join me in raising awareness in Alabama by visiting and letting people know there is help out there to help through the journey of finding that quality of life we all so desire.

—Dianne Pierson, M.Ed.

NE Alabama Resource Coordinator

Alabama Head Injury Foundation

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