Jim McCamy has won the Scottsboro Mayoral race 1,742 votes to 1,533 votes. McCamy, a lifelong public servant, beat the incumbent mayor Robin Shelton by a margin of just 209 votes.

McCamy, a former district director for Rep. Bud Cramer, ran on his decades of public service and connections to both government and business. McCamy hopes to bring a renewed interest for development of Scottsboro and to increase industrial investment in the city.

“First thing we’ve gotta do is start making Scottsboro business friendly,” said McCamy. “once we get that done, we’ll move on to a lot of other things.”

Much of McCamy’s campaign had focused on planning.

During a candidate forum held on Aug. 18, the now Mayor-elect discussed the need for longer term plans for both roads and development in the City of Scottsboro. This places a heavy emphasis on cooperation with newly elected council members.

“We need a one to five-year plan on the streets,” said McCamy. “we know where the streets are.”

“It’s a close race but I would hope that we can unite everybody and move forward,” said McCamy said about the voters who voted for his opponent, continuing, “this our town, it’s just as much their town as it is anyone else’s and we want to improve it.”

McCamy’s planning won out with voters over Shelton’s record.

“I’m ready to move onto the next chapter of life,” said Shelton when asked about how he felt about the election result. “I appreciate those who have supported me in my mission and my efforts and to keep supporting everybody. God bless our community.”

Shelton touted his accomplishments paving a number of the city’s roads and discussed changes he had implemented to improve the inspection process; however, many of the questions asked during the candidate forum on Tuesday, submitted by citizens of Scottsboro, focused on how these efforts didn’t go far enough to alleviate the city’s problems.

McCamy will be sworn into office as Mayor of Scottsboro in November.

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