Greg Mashburn

Greg Mashburn

Greg Mashburn announced Friday his intent to continue serving the people of Scottsboro on Place 1 of the Scottsboro City Council.

“I will continue my commitment to transparency and my work ethic to the citizens of Scottsboro,” said Mashburn.

Mashburn said his first goal while serving on the city council was to acquire better and safer equipment for the street department and solid waste department.

“We have been able to get on a rotation in replacing equipment for both departments,” he added. “I am also very proud that we were able to complete the Parks Street bridge and start our recycling program back up.”

Mashurn said the city has made huge investments in recycling and preparation of a new cell for the landfill, adding the city is very fortunate in having its own landfill.

“It is a very valuable asset for our citizens and our businesses,” said Mashburn. “I want to make sure that all of our commitments will stay funded and will strive to do so.”

Mashburn said he will continue to support and invest in the city’s recreation facilities and its children.

“I am committed to making Scottsboro a better place to live, work and play,” he said.

Mashburn is a member of First Baptist Church, where he currently serves as a deacon. He is married to Denise Drain Mashburn, and the couple have one son, Ayden, who is 12 years old.

“I would appreciate your support and vote in the municipal election,” said Mashburn.

Scottsboro’s Municipal Election is set for Tuesday, Aug. 25 with a runoff set for Tuesday, Oct. 6.

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