Today I had another milestone of senior year. I started my last semester of high school. Because Scottsboro High School is on a semester-based block schedule, each semester we start a completely different set of classes.

This means a new routine, class schedule and lunch period among other things. The day was spent trying to reorient myself with the patterns and pace of Scottsboro High School and catching up with friends over the break. Ultimately, the day accomplishes just as much as the actual first day of school.

Students are running around the school trying to find their new classes. Even though I have spent a lot of time walking the halls, I still had to remind myself of where I was supposed to go instead of where I am used to going. The day is organized chaos that leans more towards chaos than organization.

I know that I’m supposed to pretend that I’m too cool for school but I’m really excited to start this semester. I really like my schedule this semester and am looking forward to ending senior year on a good note. Honestly, I really missed the structure of school during the Christmas break.

It was nice to relax for the first few days but after the first week I was already tired of my easy schedule. In a few weeks I’m sure that this attitude will change and I will be longing for Christmas break but, for now, I’m content to go to school and work. I have always been a person that needs a task to complete. Even if it’s just finishing a library book before the return date, I like to set goals for myself.

As a high school senior, setting goals this year has become more relevant than ever before. Only about a week into the New Year and I have already set, met and broken some resolutions. I have big goals like starting college and small goals like use less plastic and read more poetry. I haven’t started college or even decided where I’m going.

I’m also not doing so great with the plastic resolution but I have read one poetry book so it’s a start I’ll take. Not only do I have goals but I also have expectations for this year. I think that everyone has expectations for their senior year of high school. Until the clock struck midnight on Dec 31, 2019, 2020 seemed like a distant reality. Now, that reality is not so distant. Graduation is 134 days away.

That’s about 3,216 hours of being a high school student. Eighteen weeks to say goodbye to thirteen years of your life. That’s not a lot of time. I feel as if I am standing on a tightrope stretched in between my past and future. If I look too far back or forward I will lose balance. For now, I will just focus on the present and try to make every moment count.

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