Scottsboro High School’s graduation ceremony on Friday will be streamed live on the Scottsboro Electric Power Board website. The SEPB has partnered with Full Cue Productions and Scottsboro City Schools to sponsor the live streaming.

The graduation ceremony is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Hambrick Hall. Those who would like to watch the ceremony online may visit the SEPB website to access the life stream.

“I’m really excited to be partnering with the school system and SEPB,” said Full Cue Productions owner James Seymour. “It is a great collaborative effort.”

In the past, Scottsboro High School has offered live streaming on Facebook. The quality was not as high as what is expected to be provided tomorrow. Viewers in the past were also required to have a Facebook account in order to watch the ceremony.

“There are many people involved in helping with the production of live streaming,” said Seymour. “However, I’ve had more of a direct working relationship with Kristin Suter and Jeff Tubbs with the Scottsboro High School. The two of them, along with the other administrators, have been on board with providing greater accessibility to the Wildcat family.”

Seymour, an SHS alumnus, has also been helping with sound this week for Scottsboro’s Memory Day and will assist with the production during graduation.

“We are thankful to have a former Scottsboro High student to help with the sound and live streaming of the graduation ceremony,” said Suter, SHS Library Media Specialist. “There are many people who live outside the area and they aren’t able to attend. This is a great opportunity for them to watch the graduation.”

The graduation ceremony will also be recorded and played on Our Town Channel 10 with the SEPB. Each year the SEPB records and airs the graduation ceremony.

To watch the live streaming of Scottsboro’s graduation ceremony, visit

The live streaming is sponsored by Scottsboro Electric Power Board Our Town Channel 10, Greens Building Supply, Northeast Alabama Community College, Maples Industries, Inc., Porter Law Group and Western Sizzlin.

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