Dear Editor:

Last night I had a bad DREAM. It started one Sunday morning at CHURCH. The day was beautiful, and the air was fresh, just one of those days that make life worth living.

Then came an awful rush of dirty air and dust, I realized there must have been a truck or something had struck the church. Screams came from the basement and that awful feeling of pain and horror that comes from something being dreadfully wrong. With the rest of the church family we rushed to the basement to find a bomb had gone off near the place where some young children had been gathered. The scene is all most indescribable the wall was shattered with large piles of debris lying on small bodies, the people were screaming, and the air was full of the smell of burnt flesh and blood. Everyone worked to free and help those that were hurt with a hope they would be ok.  

Medical help and the police arrived to try to establish what had taken place.

I woke up in a cold sweat trying to understand what had just happened, and why would I have such a dream.

The great and wonderful thing about living in this wonderful country is that feeling of security and safety.

That terror that happens in other countries should not happen here in the United States of America.

Sadly I realized it had happened in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. Four young girls died, and many had terrible dreams for the rest of their lives.

The four men that planted the bomb with exception of one lived out their lives as if nothing had happened.

God granted all lives matter, but our Black brothers and sisters are still suffering from racism and social injustice, that must stop. It just time that we all stand together and end this madness. 

When the fire fighters get a call they don’t consider what race, what gender, or what sexual orientation the occupants of the house that is on fire, they just go to the fire.

Our black family’s house is on fire. We need to rescue

them and put out this flame that has burned for so long and establish this country so that ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL WITH LIBERTY AND JUSICE FOR ALL.


—Charles Killough


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