Tia Edwards

Tia Edwards

Woodville High School Class of 2020

A young lady who was among the top five percent of the Class of 2020 in Jackson County and also a top athlete in two sports is this week’s outstanding youth.  Tia Edwards is a member of the Woodville High School Class of 2020.

Tia was elected by her peers as class president in both her junior and senior years.  She served as vice president of PALS (Panthers Always Living Strong) which helps provide food and necessities for students over the weekend and holidays.  She worked with their food delivery and packaging.

This active teen was a Hoops Squad Member.  This group is a Woodville High School booster club whose members volunteer in the concession stand. 

She helped in the concession stand, with filming the football games, and with keeping the players hydrated in practices and games as a Touchdown Team Member.  She also worked as the filmographer.

Tia was on the yearbook staff, Prom Committee, and Students for Christ.  She was a member of Jackson County Junior Leadership during the 2018-19 school year.  She participated in Jacksonville State University’s Emerging Leaders Day.

This outstanding athlete was a member of the varsity basketball team and named to the Basketball All-County Team her senior year.  Tia was on the varsity volleyball team and served as captain from 2017 to 2019.  She earned the Volleyball Leadership Award in 2018 and was named as All Area Volleyball Class 1A Area 15 in 2018-2019.

Over the course of her high school career, Tia earned the highest average in World History (2017), 10th Grade English, Health (2018), Driver’s Education (2018), U.S. History 1 (2018), Physical Science (2018), Geometry Non-Tech (2018), Chemistry Non-Tech (2019), Mandarin Chinese (2018-19), and Event Planning (2018).  She was on the math team and placed in the top ten in the Jackson County Math Competition in 2016 earning third place in Geometry in 2018.

Tia earned her IC3 Digital Literacy Certification in 2018.  She was an All A student earning the Presidential Award all four years. She was a member of the National Beta Club.

Here is Tia’s response to how her senior year ended.  “It felt like we paid for prom and to walk at graduation just to be patted on the back and asked if our prom dresses were refundable and if postage was an okay way to receive our diplomas.  I felt infuriated, sad, and afraid, and nobody would give me a straight answer about anything. It felt like we didn’t matter, and we were going to be forgotten.  We couldn’t have the best days of our senior year, and no one could do anything about it.  I thought that I couldn’t walk the stage with my friends for two months!”

 “I cannot explain how happy I was to hear my principal, Mr. Darwin, call and say that we were going to graduate on a stage even if we had to wait.  He was going to make sure we weren’t forgotten.  I’m so thankful that everyone was doing the right thing by doing the quarantine.  It needed to happen, but we couldn’t help but be bummed out.  We have worked hard for 13 years just to be told that we couldn’t celebrate with a graduation.  We all felt like we just got handed the shortest end of the stick in the world!  It was the best senior skip day ever! Am I right?”

Tia has been awarded the Jackson County Leadership Scholarship and an academic scholarship from Northeast Alabama Community College.  She plans to attend Northeast for two years then transfer to Jacksonville State University to complete her bachelor’s degree in accounting.

During the quarantine, this busy teen enjoyed gardening and listening to music.  She can now hang out with her friends more which is something she has missed over the past few months.

Tia is the daughter of Philip and Melindia Edwards and has an older brother, Travis.  Her grandparents include Alice Lee and the late Herman and Marie Webb.  She has two dogs, Si and Sadie, and two guinea pigs, George and Lil’Bit. 

Tia attends the Apostolic Assembly of Faith Church in New Hope.  She is a Sunday School teacher there.

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