Students at Caldwell Elementary School recently surpassed their 2022 Kids Heart Challenge Goal raising $23,970 beating their original goal of $20,000. This is the most the school has ever raised for this challenge.

The American Heart Association sponsors the Kids Heart Challenge, and this holds a special place in the hearts of the students at Caldwell. They are four Caldwell students who have experienced heart defects in their short lives. Those students are Tucker Bradford, Andrew McNutt, Mabrie Dill and Konnor Stewart.

The Kids Heart Challenge focuses on whole body wellness helping students improve their own health and better their character while raising life-saving donations for the American Heart Association to help kids facing heart-health issues. Heart issues affect people of all ages.

Students in elementary, middle, and high schools across the country participate in various ways to help the American Heart Association raise funds. 

For over 40 years the Association has been partnering with educators to help educate students about healthy living. 

What these students learn at school carries over into their home.  Many parents say that their children come home encouraging them to be more active and eat healthier.

Andrew McNutt and Layton Dawson were the top fundraisers this year. Other top fundraisers  included Abby Chandler, Adalyn Hancock, Autumn Garner, Fynn Bell, Jackson Hancock, Maddie Henegar, John Reed McNutt, Tucker Bradford and Charlie Bradford.

Caldwell Elementary School was third out of 500 schools in 29 school districts raising the most funds for the American Heart Association through the Kids Heart Challenge in 2021. The results for this year  have not been announced.

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