The Jackson County Commission discussed potential projects for the Rebuild Alabama Act Annual Grant program at its work session Monday afternoon.

County Engineer Jonathan Campbell said the grant program allows one project with a $250,000 maximum cost. Project applications can be submitted for improvements to any classified road or bridge open to the public. Campbell said the $250,000 is “rather small” when it comes to the size of the projects.

Campbell said two roads quickly came to mind when deciding which projects to choose from.

The first was County Road 74 from the Tennessee state line to County Road 209 in Bridgeport. It is behind Big Daddy’s Outdoors. The portion of the road was last paved in the 1980s. The projected cost of the project is $253,000.

The other road is County Road 412. This road, located in Hollywood, leads to the Jackson County landfill. Campbell said this road has been an issue in the past. He said a great deal of work has been done to the road to keep it passable. Campbell said many of the problems are caused by equipment regularly crossing and heavy trucks turning on the road. The proposal for County Road 412 would include widening the road, some base repairs and repaving the road.

District 3 Commissioner Melinda Gilbert and District 4 Commissioner Mike Sisk expressed interest in doing more research on the two projects in order to make a decision. Campbell said the deadline for submittal is Nov. 30, and the county has to give reasons as to why the project should be selected.

District 2 Commissioner Jason Venable said the grant funding is not guaranteed and the county might have better luck receiving the funds if they chose the road that services the landfill. The proposed cost for the County Road 412 project is $284,000. If chosen, the county would be responsible for the remaining $34,000 cost.

Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said he is hopeful the project will be selected.

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