Students of the Jackson County School System will be back in session on Aug. 7, according to Superintendent Kevin Dukes.

“We are making every effort to ensure the safe return of our students,” said Dukes.

Earlier this week, Dukes sent out a parent guide for the upcoming school year. The guide can be found at or the school system’s Facebook page.

As part of the guide, Dukes said students will choose between two learning paths and will make a semester long commitment to that learning path.

Path 1 will include students attending school, receiving face to face instruction, but are prepared to learn at home for brief periods if circumstances change.

Path 2 includes students learn at home and receive virtual instruction from a designated county schools teacher through Schoology, video conferencing and other digital tools.

“Your school will contact you within the next week about your choice,” said Dukes.

Dukes said a student who chooses remote learning will still be able to participate in sports. Dukes said three masks will be provided for each student, through the Alabama State Department of Education.

“Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required,” Dukes said.

Dukes said all school staff will be trained to recognize signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and how to respond effectively.

“Staff and students will have their temperatures checked daily upon arrival at school and as needed throughout the day,” said Dukes, adding restrooms will be cleaned frequently and hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the school.

“Students will also have frequent opportunities for handwashing,” added Dukes.

Dukes said all schools will have a quarantine room for symptomatic students near the nurse’s office. Students will be provided a mask and isolated until a parent picks them up.

“Staff and students who test positive should test negative or be quarantined for 14 days and be asymptomatic (fever free) for three days before returning to school,” said Dukes.

Dukes said Jackson County schools will not be allowing field trips during the 2020-2021 school year.

For more information, visit, email questions to or contact your school principal.

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