Constructors For Christ is nearing the completion of a Rosalie church that was damaged during the December 2016 tornadoes.

The group started back in the 1970’s when the group traveled to Indiana to rebuild a church cabin.

Martin Paulson was there on that first trip, and he thought that would be it after a year.

“It was organized in 1976,” he said. “We got 12 families together and built a building in Indiana. It was not a church. It was a cabin for the state, and we thought that would be the last year, but we came back and decided we would do it again. So, we sat down and a few of us came up with the name, the model and the rules and regulations that we were going to do. We decided it would be a family oriented organization … we would pay for all of our expenses, and the church would just have to buy materials.”

It is customary for the group to start a project on the weekend of Father’s Day and to work for five weeks straight.

“This is our second week,” said Paulson last week. “We are here for five weeks, and we will probably get the dry wall in and have the plumbing and electrical. We probably will not finish the dry wall, but it will be around 90 percent done.”

Paulson said the call level for projects is low, but the idea to assist Rosalie Baptist Church came from someone driving by the church.

“Whatever we get done in five weeks is what we get done,” said Paulson. “In the five weeks, we have 250 volunteers and they are from 60 different churches. We are spread out. We had 12 families initially, but we have 300 on the list now.”

The group is completely made of volunteers, which are called a blessing, according to Rosalie Baptist Church Pastor Roger Littler.

“It's been a blessing from God,” he said. “These are all different church members from different states that have went through this process. It is unbelievable what the Lord has sent us to help build this church. Since November, the community is trying to get back but we will never be totally normal as a community. As a whole, the community is close to putting everything back to normal as much as they can.”

Littler said the church has been holding services in their fellowship hall, which is one of the few buildings left in tact after the storms.

“Our goal is to be back in service by Thanksgiving,” said Littler. “That will be roughly one year.”

Paulson said this group allows them to do mission trips in America.

“Most people say you have to go overseas to do missions, but we feel like we can do them here at home,” he said. “Some people have the idea that you are not on a mission unless you are in a third world country,” he said. “There are all kinds of mission we can do in the United States that we can work with. There are areas where there is not much money.”

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