Spring Valley Beach

Visitors enjoy a day of family fun in the two-acre swimming pool at Spring Valley Beach in Blountsville.

Imagine a swimming pool the size of a football field, award-winning water slides, shaded picnic areas and all the time in the world to have fun with your kids.

Welcome to Spring Valley Beach in Blountsville.

Located about an hour-and-a-half from Scottsboro, on County Road 55, Spring Valley Beach offers a 2-acre swimming pool, huge kid’s area, and 10 thrilling water slides including the ‘360 RUSH,’ the first water slide of its kind.

The 30-acre park has been owned and operated by the Gilliland family since 1972, when Allen and Jean Gilliland purchased the property.

At that time, there was no waterpark, just a sand bottomed lake that had been used by the family and friends of previous owner, Rob Burgess for get-togethers.

After they bought it, the Gilliland’s moved to the property, and opened the lake to the public, renaming it Spring Valley Beach.

Many years later, when their son, Travis, finished college, the family began to make big changes at the park.

They first put a concrete bottom in the shallow kid’s area of the lake that delighted visitors. The following year, they installed a playground system and painted the concrete bottom.

Over the next four years, the entire 2-acre lake was turned into a pool. It was concreted, painted, and the kiddie area was expanded three times larger with four slides, a bridge and a huge play station.

Seven Red Cross certified lifeguards are on duty at all times in the pool area, and additional lifeguards are stationed at each water slide.

Up the gently sloped green hillside, beyond the peaceful picnic areas, grills, and pavilions, is where the thrill rides begin.

There are six enormous slides that deliver action-packed water fun for the whole family.

•The Chiller: This exciting ride consists of two slides that are built into the side of a steep hill. The slope of the hill and design of the slide allows riders to gain maximum velocity for an extreme and intense ride that ends in a giant splash.

•The Sidewinder: Atop a 4-story tower, a large raft free-falls riders straight down and swoops them up into the air and back again while giving them a good soaking in the process. The Sidewinder resembles a skateboard park and is one of the most popular rides at Spring Valley.

•Black Out: One of the waterpark’s newest slides, Black Out starts at the top of the hill and sends riders into a pitch black tunnel with plenty of twists and turns. Hang on to your raft, because this slide catapults riders out of the tunnel and into a pool.

•Need for Speed: Slippery and incredibly fast, Need for Speed riders enjoy twists, turns and screams of delight all the way down.

•The Circle S: People of all ages love the Circle S for the high velocity speed, rushing water and hairpin twists and turns that send riders into pool at the end.

•360 RUSH: Built in 2011, this ride has been called, ‘the granddaddy of all waterslides,’ with a 58-foot drop that accommodates two riders at a time in separate launch modules. Rapid speeds up to 30-miles-per-hour vault riders into a huge bowl of rushing water where they swirl round and round until the momentum slows down and drops them into a pool.

One ticket price covers the entire park and all of the amenities for the day. And thanks to the wide variety of activities at the park, customers need not worry about long lines or feeling crowded. They just have to have fun.

Spring Valley Beach is regarded as the best waterpark in the state.

It is the only waterpark in Alabama that allows guests to bring in their own food and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy at one of the many picnic areas in the park. Each picnic area contains a grill for public use.

Spring Valley Beach has a large snack bar where guests can purchase hot dogs, burgers, drinks, shaved-ice and even get free sunscreen.

The atmosphere is family friendly, safe and relaxed.

Locker rental and free parking are also available.

Spring Valley Beach is open seven days per week, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., and season passes are available.

For more information, call: 205-429-2075, or visit: www.springvalleybeach.com.

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