Friendships were formed and hundreds of books read as 70 adults signed up for the first Scottsboro Public Library Readers Club. 

The 41 adult readers who followed through by completing and turning in their reading log for 2018 were recognized at a brunch prepared by the Friends of the Library.

Laura Pitts, director of the Scottsboro Public Library, borrowed the idea of the club from a library in Louisiana. 

“I thought we could do something fun like this for adults,” said Pitts.  “It’s like the Summer Reading Program all year long.”

Pitts found that this program had some adults reading out of their comfort zone.  Many of the members said they were encouraged to try books by new authors. 

Also, many read books from different genres and enjoyed them.  These are some of the things that Pitts liked most about the club.  It also brought more people into the library more often, which helped circulation.

 “I am thankful for everyone who participated,” added Pitts.  “I think it is healthy to get lost in a book.”

The readers who completed the program received a certificate and a special library card.  They also got a special bag filled with a pen, bookmark, and a holder for that special library card.  Drawings were held for a Pine Brothers gift card, a Barnes and Nobles gift card, mugs, and cups. 

An excellent brunch was enjoyed by the members.  During this time there was a lot of conversation about the books read during this program.  It was difficult to pin most of the adults down to name the one book that was a favorite.

The adults who read at least 100 books were named to the gold group.  This group included Rose Anderson who read the most with 319 books. 

Second place went to Brenda Ivey who read 251, and Freida Lewis came in third with 134.  Others in this group include Susan W. Nickolson, Beth Southeard, Stacy Dobbs, Erica Wilhelm, Liz Bellomy, Eunice Phillips and Juanita Lee.

Members of the silver group include Sandra Herring, Ann Paul, Peggy M. Himburg, Marsha Hambrick, Jessica Helton, Mechele Mosley, Nancy Bonitz, Alyssa Horvath, NaTaya Hastings and Cynthia G. Robbins. These adults read at least 75 books.

In the bronze group were those who read at least 50 books.  They are Wendy Jones, Kathy Broome, Pat Chandler, Megan Doll, Jeanne Jaggers, Michael Dobbs, Donna Dandurand, Ed Herring, Patsy Herring, Ann Moody, Virginia Edwards and Suzanne Moore.

The 2019 Readers Club Challenge is now underway.  Library patrons age 18 and over may come by the library and sign up to participate.  The goal is to read 50, 75, or 100 books checked out from the library or the OverDrive e-book service. 

Even if you don’t make your goal, it is a challenge to see how many books you can read and keep a log.  Drop by the Scottsboro Public Library and vow to read more in 2019.

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