Agape Baptist Church will host its #FORscottsboro Celebration Picnic on Saturday, July 25, at the Goose Pond Pavilion, culminating its missions project this summer.

Everyone is invited to the event, which begins at 3 p.m. and includes an illusionist, inflatables, music, prizes and more. Dinner will be served at 5 p.m.

The church’s mission project has included serving children, putting together supplies for women in crisis pregnancies, visiting the jail and more.

“Last year our students wanted to do local ministry and serve the people in the community,” Max Croft, Associate Pastor for Ministry, said. “They cleaned restrooms and picked up at several schools, sent letters of appreciation to emergency personnel and passed out bottled water at a local convenience store. They got a good response from the church and the community. The work our kids did was affirmed.”

That’s when the idea to expand was formulated. The goal is to get anybody and everybody in the church involved.

“We want to share the love of Christ,” Youth Minister Parker Smith said. We want people to see the love of Christ through us.”

The idea isn’t unique. Other churches in the area reach out into the community on a regular basis to meet the needs of many people. But, it is a first for the Agape congregation to make a concerted effort to get as many people involved as possible and to touch many different areas in the city.

“We are part of the city. We want to see it do well and thrive,” Smith, who works with 20-25 teens, said. “One goal is to serve people and that those people see the love of Christ through us.”

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