In June 1969, 10 small membership United Methodist churches on Sand Mountain came together to better serve their communities and the world beyond as the Upper Sand Mountain Parish.

Now, 50 years later, four quarterly celebrations are planned to take place during the year at churches across the Parish. The first will be Sunday, June 23 at Section United Methodist Church.

An hour of “Memory Moments” and fellowship begins at 4 p.m. with a “Spud Party” at 5 p.m. (baked potatoes with trimmings and desserts). Worship will follow at 6 p.m. with focus on a trip down memory lane. North Alabama Conference Bishop Dr. Deborah Wallace-Padgett will bring the message.

Across the years, with other partner churches, one of the ministries to be celebrated is the construction of 48 “Heart and Hand” houses that give low-income families the opportunity to anticipate home ownership in their lifetime. An area family will be recognized and celebrated for having achieved this goal recently. To date, 31 families with over 100 children have achieved the goal of becoming homeowners.

Other celebrations this year include Sunday, Sept. 15 at Robertson Chapel United Methodist Church in Rainsville; Dec. 1 at Dutton United Methodist Church and March 15, 2020 “Praising God into the Next 50” with Mountain Lakes Superintendent Rev. Terry Bentley.

For more information, contact the Parish Ministry Center at 256-638-2126.

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