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Terry Broome, minister of Broad Street Church of Christ in Scottsboro invites the public for a new series about the family beginning Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at 7 p.m.

Since the early 90s, Broad Street Church of Christ in Scottsboro has hosted a special series of classes on Wednesday nights throughout the summer.

This year’s series is called ‘Building Great Families,’ and will begin on May 27, 2015, at 7 p.m. with a dynamic four-week installment by special guest speaker, Lonnie Jones.

Jones is an intergenerational minister at Meridianville Church of Christ with 17 years experience as a licensed professional counselor in private practice.

He also has 35 years experience in youth and family ministry.

“Lonnie is used in almost every major gathering of youth throughout the southeast,” said Terry Broome, minister at Broad Street.

“He speaks at functions like the Challenge Youth Conference to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge where around 10,000 youths gather each year.

“He is a dynamic defender of home and family values,” Broome said, “and will do four of the fourteen lectures during our series this summer.”

Broome said his church is blessed to have Jones participate at Broad Street.

“A lot of people said we couldn’t get him,” he said. “But the Bible says ‘ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find,’ so I asked, and he said he’d be happy to do it.”

The summer series is an important part of Broad Street’s outreach to the community.

“Every year,” Broome said, “we try to look at what is needed most at this church and in this region. In the past, we’ve had topics like, ‘God and Country,’ and ‘Building Dynamic Churches.’

“Statistically,” he said, “some of the largest churches are suffering staggering losses in attendance. Churches have taken a real blow due to the secular philosophy that prevails in this country. That secular mind is bleeding over into the lives of many church people and pulling them into the same mind set.”

According to Broome, everything about life and family values is under attack in the United States.

“Defining who can be married, what constitutes a family, and even gender identity is being called into question,” he said. “Churches and the family are having to struggle with these things and we believe the Bible offers the answers.”

The summer series will have 11 speakers for 14 events who will expound on what the Bible says about the home and family.

“Lessons will range from ‘finding the right marriage partner’ to ‘how to affair-proof your marriage,’” he said. “We have a wide spectrum of topics and will be covering many areas between them.”

Broome said the classes would be filled with useful information for the community and the church.

“I hope people walk away with a renewed commitment to the family as God designed it,” he said. “Man thinks he can change something that God authored and that is not true. God designed marriage and family and we are going to study what His word says about it.”

Other guest speakers and topics in the series will be:

•Dr. Tom Holland, ‘How to be good grandparents’

•Dr. Cecil May, of Faulkner University, ‘What the Bible says about being a Godly husband’

•Mike Winkler, ‘Being a good father’

•Alan Webster, publisher of ‘House to House, Heart to Heart’ magazine, ‘What the Bible says about being a good wife’

•Ed Smith, ‘Finding the right marriage partner’

•Jimmy Clark, ‘Families Keeping the Lord and the Church in Home Life’

•Dale Jenkins, ‘How to be a good mother’

•Trae Durdan, ‘Being a good son or daughter’

•Philip Bradley, ‘What the Bible says on responsibility to aging parents’

“My son-in-law, Chris Pressnell, of Decatur will also be speaking in the series,” Broome said. “He will teach about how to discipline children according to the Bible.

“Lonnie’s classes will also have specific topics,” he said. “The first is ‘the dynamic of trust, is it you, me or us? The second is ‘Conflict doesn’t matter,’ and explains that even though couples disagree, they can still handle conflict.”

The third and fourth topics are ‘Needs and the affair-proof marriage,’ and ‘Love and Respect.’

“We really are excited about this summer series,” Broome said. “And we invite the public to come. We aren’t trying to take members away from their own churches, but we hope those who may need this wonderful teaching will know they are welcome to visit with us.”

The series is free and no offerings or contributions will be collected.

Classes for all ages are available during the series.

Broad Street Church of Christ is located at 613 S. Broad Street.

Sunday worship service begins at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

For more information about the summer series or Broad Street Church of Christ, contact them at: 256-259-6162.

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