Roach’s Cove Baptist Church in Fackler invites everyone to come and be entertained by a legend in the Christian entertainment business with ventriloquist Geraldine Ragan and ‘Ricky’ on Sunday, May 24, 2015, at 10:30 a.m.

Geraldine and ‘Ricky’ minister to young children and old alike as they go to banquets, conferences, church, city and area-wide meetings all over America. She has shared and entertained on special tours to the Holy Land, Europe, South America, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica. Geraldine and ‘Ricky’ perform on Templeton Tours Bible Cruises and have blessed millions through Christian television programs, praise gatherings and National Southern Gospel Music Quartet Conventions.

Geraldine Ragan was born in Orange, Texas and was raised in southwest Louisiana. As a teenager, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. Shen then asked God to use her life to glorify Him. Overnight, Geraldine became a ventriloquist and believes her talent is a gift from God. She began using a Jerry Mahoney figure and won many honors with her ventriloquist.

After graduation from high school, Geraldine was offered a fantastic career with Disneyland of California, but declined to dedicate her life and talent full-time to Christian service. She joined the E.J. Daniels Evangelistic Association and traveled with his team for six years performing in large citywide crusades.

In 1972, Geraldine married professional golfer, Dave Ragan, who was a member of the Jerry Spencer Evangelistic Association. They have two sons, Chuck and Paul.

Geraldine and Dave traveled with the Spencer team for five years. Dave later served in two churches in Texas and Georgia and was a golf coach at two universities. Geraldine and Dave are currently living in Birmingham, Alabama.

You will certainly be entertained, inspired and excited by this dedicated Christian woman.

For further information, contact Geraldine Ragan at: 205-678-9693.

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