The State Hometown Cookbook Series by Sheila Simmons and Kent Whitaker (Great American Publishers, Lena MS) is coming to Alabama.  The ‘Alabama Hometown Cookbook’ will be available Winter 2015, and the authors are inviting home cooks across the state to send their favorite recipes.

"Alabama will be the eighth book in the series," said Simmons. “There are already editions for Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia. 

"As with the previous editions," she said, "we invite everyone in the state to send us their favorite recipes to be considered for the book. If we include it, we will publish your name and hometown beneath the recipe so everyone will know who submitted it. We will also send a complimentary copy of the cookbook to each person that has recipes chosen for the book." 

"We are particularly excited about this Alabama edition of the State Hometown Cookbook Series as our Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes cookbook, released last year, has quickly become our best-selling cookbook,” Simmons said.

‘Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes’ by Anita Musgrove,highlights and celebrates locally owned eateries.

After Musgrove was married and living in Mississippi, she and her husband, Leonard, were notorious for taking weekend and daylong car trips traveling the back roads with no particular destination in mind. Musgrove says the best part of these trips was stumbling upon a gem of a restaurant- “whether it were a diner, drive-in, dive or little hole-in-the-wall place- that only the locals knew about.” This love of small, locally owned restaurants inspired her to compile her book.

“In this book, it is my goal to capture my love of Alabama, especially her food,” Musgrove said in the book’s preface. “I want you to enjoy traveling the back roads as much as I always have and, of course, to have the opportunity to stop in at a locally owned diner and have a great meal.”

Musgrove compiled a sampling of some of the best locally owned restaurants into one easy-to-read guide that features photos, addresses and contact information for each of the 165 featured Alabama eateries throughout the book’s 256 pages. From Huggin’ Molly’s in Abbeville to Burgers & More in Winfield, the book introduces readers to a bevy of off-the-beaten-path dining options and shares some of the restaurant owners’ favorite recipes from their menus or their homes.

In Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes, Musgrove divides the state into four distinct regions- Mountain, Metropolitan, River and Gulf Coast- and each region features an extensive list of suggested eateries with accompanying recipes. Located in Musgrove’s Mountain Region, Jackson County boasts three restaurants featured in the book: McCutchen’s Magnolia House on East Willow Street in Scottsboro, 50 Taters on John T. Reid Parkway in Scottsboro, and Mud Creek Fishing Camp Restaurant on County Road 213 in Hollywood.

The book was published April 2, 2014, by Great American Publishers and is currently available on Amazon for $17. It is the first in Musgrove’s State Back Road Restaurants Cookbook series and her first published cookbook title. Musgrove, who now lives in Brandon, Mississippi, recently lost Leonard to cancer and says that this new book series serves to pay homage to her husband of 45 years and their travels together.

“We already know there are terrific cooks in Alabama and are looking forward to receiving as many recipes as possible for the new book,” Simmons said.  

Alabama Hometown Cookbook will be about 256 pages and will include around 300 favorite recipes from hometown cooks across the state.  Recipes may be submitted by email to or online at

The deadline for submission is May 26, 2015.

For more information, or a free catalog of Great American Cookbooks, call toll-free 1-888-854-5954.

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