Evalene Precise, center, and her daughter, Tara, planned and led a Hillbilly Hoedown held recently for participants in the Scottsboro Senior Center program.

There was music and dancing, but most of all there was fun for all involved in the Hillbilly Hoedown held recently at the Scottsboro Senior Center.

Some enjoyed the Hoedown as exercise set to music. Others harkened back to days gone by remembering songs from their youth.

As one person put it, "it was foot stomping fun for all." Approximately 50 seniors (60 and older) enjoyed fun on their feet or from their seats.

Evalene Precise and her daughter, Tara, planned the program. They also taught and led the dances.

"It was a well planned event that raised the activity level," one person said. "It was enjoyed by every senior age group."

The festivities started at 9:30 a.m. with a short medley of dance music for people to listen or dance to and get in the mood for things to come.

Many were dressed in western clothes. Some simply wore blue jeans, while others donned boots and hats to fit with the theme of the program.

After the opening number, participants enjoyed the "Hokey Pokey." Then there was a little instruction and everyone joined in doing the Electric Slide dance to the "Macarena." Slow dances were mixed in between the faster paced step dances.

For more information on the Scottsboro Senior Center call 256-574-6623 or visit the center in the Jackson County Park.

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