Getting Prepared

Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips takes a photograph of Ann Gant for use in the Yellow Dot program. Gant will carry a folder in her vehicle containing medical information and her photo in case of an emergency.

A group of senior adults gathered at the Community Action Agency last week to sign up for the county's Yellow Dot program.

The program is designed to help citizens and first responders in the event of an automobile accident or medical emergency when the person involved is in a vehicle. The program is  designed to help medical responders during the crucial "golden hour" of an accident or medical emergency by improving communication at a time when accident victims may be unable to communicate for themselves.

Agency director Norma Harvey said she contacted over 70 senior adults in the area to let them know about the opportunity. More than 30 seniors attended the sign up day.

"This is such a great thing for our community members of all ages," said Harvey. "You never know what can happen when you are in a vehicle. By hosting a signup time like this for our senior citizens, we can ensure them a little bit more safety."

Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips and chief deputy Rocky Harren along with other workers from the sheriff's department, took photographs and assembled the Yellow Dot folders for each person in attendance.

Listed inside the Yellow Dot folders are detailed medical information, an identifying photo, emergency contact information, personal physicians' information, medical conditions, and details about allergies and medications that are currently being used.

"The sheriff's department has done a great job coming out and helping all of us with this," said Harvey. "If we have more senior citizens interested in signing up, we will try and have another event like this."

The program also provides drivers with a rear window decal, which alerts medical responders to check the glove compartment for the corresponding Yellow Dot folder.

The program is a free service provided to individuals of all ages.

Betty Martin was one of the many senior citizens in attendance for the sign up day.

 Her choice to participate in the Yellow Dot program stemmed from wanting to add an extra bit of security to herself in the event of a vehicle emergency.

"I think this is a great thing, especially since the folder will have all of our medical information if there happens to be a serious car wreck," said Martin. "Everyone really should sign up for this."

The program is a free service provided and funded by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs/Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Division (ADECA/LETS).

For more information on how to sign up, contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Office at 256-574-2610.

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