AARP Guest Speaker

Rita Williams, director of the Jackson County Council on Aging, right, recently explained the organization’s services to the local chapter of the AARP. Pictured with Williams is Donna Hawkins, chapter president.

Rita Williams, director of the Jackson County Council on Aging spoke to members of the Jackson County Chapter of AARP at the organization's most recent meeting.

Williams gave a brief history of the center. She said it opened in September 1973 as a nutrition center with support from the Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments (TARCOG). The nutrition program not only services noonday meals at the center but oversees the Meals on Wheels program. The meal is available to anyone 60 or older or is married to someone who is 60 or older, for a nominal cost.

Williams said the transportation program began later. It is available for a nominal fee for anyone who needs transportation.

The Jackson County Council on Aging is the umbrella for all the council on aging programs in Jackson County. It is funded by the individual programs that are offered at the centers.

Williams said that “the center serves a lot of people each day with a lot of volunteers and few employees."

Williams is proud of the work done by the council on aging staff and for the help of people within various communities.

"Volunteers are available for filling out and filing income taxes," Williams said. "Other programs run by volunteers include, but are not limited to, legal advise, exercise programs, card games, writers classes, bingo, photo classes, men's breakfast and meetings such as the local chapter of AARP.”

A short business session was conducted by Donna Hawkins, president of the local chapter.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, May 1 at 3 p. m. at the Jackson County Council on Aging in Scottsboro. All interested persons are invited to attend these informative meetings.

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