UPDATE:  On Friday, Jan. 19, two men authorities in Almaville, Tenn., were searching for two male suspects following a robbery at a local store.

Arrests warrants were issued for Dewayne Halfcare, 42, and Timothy "Timbo" Howell, 52 whom authorities believe may have been responsible for the Jan. 19 Almaville robbery.

Earlier today, deputies with the Marion County Sheriff's Department conducted a routine traffic stop off of Highway 28 in Whitwell, and arrested Howell at that time.  He has been booked into the Marion County Jail.

The other occupant of the vehicle, who is believed to have been Halfcare, managed to escape and is currently on the run. This prompted officials to put the three Whitwell schools on lockdown as authorities searched for the second suspect.

Dewayne Halfcare, 42, is described as a bald, white male with a large tattoo on his neck.  

Anyone who sees Halfcare is asked to contact the Marion County Sheriff's Department at 423-942-2525 or to call 911.  

Earlier story:

Earlier this morning, following a robbery at an undisclosed location, two males were on the run in the vicinity of Whitwell Schools.

According to authorities, one suspect has been apprehended and arrested, and a search is currently underway for the second suspect.  

As a precaution, Whitwell schools are on lockdown.  We will update as soon as additional information is received from authorities.  

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