Brad Nevels

Brenda Ivey addressed the Scottsboro City Council Monday evening to give an update on the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center’s expansion project.

The project is a 3,000-foot addition to the Heritage Center. The expansion will make the building more accessible for events, meetings, and other exhibits at the Heritage Center.

Ivey said bids were opened on Tuesday, June 4. Two bids were received. She said the low bid was submitted by Tolar Construction.

“It is through the efforts of the city’s funding and assistance from city departments, our community partners, a generous local grant and the generous contributions by members of the community and other entities, as well as Heritage Center funds that have been set aside for construction, that we have funding for the General Contractor bid and almost all of the work that the Heritage Center is responsible for,” said Ivey.

She said the museum board of directors is truly grateful for all the support they have received. Ivey said the addition will have a positive impact in the community, and it will allow them to provide exciting events and exhibits for patrons and the community.

She said the addition will allow them to continue to preserve and share the rich history and historical documents of Jackson County and surrounding areas for generations to come.

Councilman Greg Mashburn congratulated Ivey and her board for all the work they have done. He said he had concerns when the project was brought to the council, but he appreciated the work they put in to make the project happen.

Council President Patrick Stewart said this project was “a long time coming.” He said he appreciated everything the board has done to make it happen. He said he was excited to see the end result of the new expansion.

“I can’t thank y’all enough for preserving our heritage,” said Stewart.

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