Students from the Earnest Pruett Center of Technology (EPCOT) received numerous awards in the Alabama Skills USA State Competition.  The top winners will be competing next month at the National Skills USA Competition in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Opening and Closing Ceremony Team captured gold.  Members of the team were Kysten Farmer, North Sand Mountain; Kalob White, Woodville High School; Rebecca Tillman, North Sand Mountain; Olivia Higdon, North Sand Mountain; Destiny Miller, Scottsboro; Teagan Marion, North Sand Mountain; Carla Ramirez, North Jackson and Vanessa Simon, North Jackson.

Taking the gold in Power Equipment Technology was Krager Mountain of Woodville. Scottsboro student Kaden Thompson won the bronze.

Sierra Holcomb of Skyline won the bronze medal in barbering.

Scottsboro student Luis Rodriguez earned the gold medal in automotive refinishing technology.

Section student Austin Moore won the gold in CPR First Aid.  Taking the silver in medical terminology was Ashley Hill of North Jackson.

Skyline’s Natalie Cain won the gold medal in state pin.

Gage Brownfield of Skyline won the gold in CNC Milling while Chris Ziegler of North Sand Mountain won the silver. 

Taking the gold in CNC Technology was Trevor Carter, Scottsboro.  Skyline student Will Jones won the silver in CNC Turning.

The Automated Manufacturing Technology team won the silver medal.  Member of that team are Pisgah students Nicholas Hart, Hunter Gant, and Jared Gilbert.

Mitchell McKenzie of Woodville won the gold in Industrial Motor Controls.  He won the silver medal in this competition at the national competition last year.

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