Pole Down

A truck took down a stop sign and power line pole Friday morning at the intersection of Charlotte Avenue and South Street.

An 18-wheeler knocked over a stop sign and damaged a power pole Friday morning at the intersection of Charlotte Avenue and South Street.

Scottsboro City Council President Patrick Stewart said it was “unacceptable” that trucks are travelling through residential neighborhoods. Stewart said more signage and better placed signage would eliminate much of the problem.

Stewart would like to see more signs along Highway 72 and Broad Street, especially past Cecil Street, letting truckers known where to go.

Stewart said he did not know if designating one road as a truck route would help with the situation. He said Cecil Street has always been the “truck route”, and there were several instances when he would see trucks driving down Parks Avenue. He said he does not know why the truckers’ GPS takes them into residential areas.

“I’d be upset too if trucks were driving through my neighborhood,” said Stewart.

Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton said it was time for the city to start fining truckers for inflicting personal or city property damage.

“Regardless of their GPS or inadequate signage, at some point they’ll have to pay for any personal or city damage they cause,” said Shelton.

Shelton said fines might be the only way to get everyone’s attention, and it was time to starting levying fines.

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