The Scottsboro City Council passed several items on the agenda at its regular meeting on Monday evening.

A public hearing was held for the Scottsboro Quick Mart to receive an alcohol license. All requirements were in order, and a license was granted for retail beer and wine sales at Scottsboro Quick Mart.

The council approved a $5,000 tourism grant for the fifth annual BBQ Cookoff. The BBQ Cookoff will take place on October 12, 2019.

The city council approved the application for the State of Alabama Community Development Block Grant Program. If awarded, this grant would be used to demolish abandoned and blighted properties around Scottsboro. The amount of the grant is around $250,000, and it would be 80/20 funded grant. The city would be notified in the fall whether or not it will receive these funds.

The council approved pine cutting bid recommendation from Forest Management Specialists. The recommendation was to use a “quail thinning” process of thinning the pine trees. The estimated cost is $69,000.  

The city council approved of bids and contracts for the Goose Pond Boat Launch and Floating Dock expansion projects. The total cost of the two projects is $4896,454. The boat launch project will cost $383,780 and the floating dock expansion will cost $112,474.

The Scottsboro City Council approved the lease of a compactor for the landfill.

The council also approved July 5 as an additional holiday for city employees. It is a one-time holiday, and first responders and other personnel who may have to work that day may take a different day for the July 5 holiday.

The city council announced appointments to several boards, as well. Nathan Allen and Tanner Harbin were appointed to the Commercial Development Authority Board. Erica Estes was appointed to the Goose Pond Board. Grey Shephard and Pennye Holcomb were appointed to the Museum Commission. Brent Miller was appointed to the Downtown Redevelopment Board.

The Scottsboro City Council meets every Monday evening at 6:00 p.m.

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