The city of Scottsboro’s budgeting process took weeks of careful planning and preparation as council members met with individual departments and outside stakeholders to allocate funds.

However, Care Assurance for the Aging and Homebound of Jackson County (CASA), a local nonprofit that helps care for elderly citizens of Scottsboro by providing funding for wheelchair ramps and various other services was left out of the FY 2021 budget.

Jan Kinnison, the president of the CASA Board of Directors, came to the city council to address this issue during the council’s work session on Feb. 1.

Council members were quick to understand the need for the $3,000 in funding that CASA which has recently been operating under the name Aging at Home Support to better represent their mission, requested from the city’s budget.

The city has been providing the money to the organization for years, but a misunderstanding regarding a recent name change and the closing of the organization’s food bank led to the council not appropriating the funds as part of the general budget.

Council member Mike Ashburn recommended that the council should approved a budget amendment to provide the organization the $3,000 in funding at their next meeting.

City council president Richard Bailey placed a budget amendment onto the council’s next work session on Feb. 15 to help the organization care for older Scottsboro residents.

While the organization’s board of directors announced that their food pantry would close at the beginning of 2020, over the past few months the organizations has worked to provide  Kinnison stated that the organization would like to begin focusing on assisting in providing nutrition supplements for older individuals who have recently left the hospital.

Mayor Jim McCamy announced that he the City’s paving advisory committee would begin the selection process for roads to be paved throughout the year.

McCamy has stated that this work is being done in conjunction with various departments to ensure that Scottsboro is efficiently prioritizing roads. This has involved contacting the Scottsboro Water Sewer and Gas Board to ensure that roads paved do not have other work planned to be done on them.

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