The Scottsboro City Council held a regular meeting Monday evening. The council approved all 12 items on the agenda.

The City Council held three public hearings for alcohol licenses. The first was for Sunrise Food Mart #1, the Chevron station in front of Walmart. The second was for Sunrise Food Mart #2, the Chevron station at the intersection of County Park Road and Highway 72. The third was for Marathon Food Mart, located at 18562 John T. Reid Parkway. All requirements were met, and the council approved the alcohol licenses. 

The council approved an amended ordinance related to the Scottsboro City Employee Handbook. City Attorney Stephen Kennamer said there will now be a hearing officer at personnel hearings instead of a personnel board.

They city council voted to surplus a generator at the landfill, and it approved budget amendments for the Solid Waste Department. It also reversed some previous budget amendments that were supposed to come out of sales tax surplus. The items were a knuckle boom for $141,456, a Solid Waste Department Allocation for $50,000, a pickup truck for Solid Waste for $39,899and lease payments for four months that amount to $7,769. The total amount added back to sales tax surplus was $246,893.

It approved and appropriation of $554.861.01 for the service road in front of Walmart, as well as $40,000 for paving at Goose Pond.

The council approved an appropriation of $30,000 to the School Resource Officer Contribution Fund to hire one retired, part-time officer for the year. This money will come from ad valorem tax surplus. It also approved a memorandum of understanding for additional school resource officers.

The council also approved the Adjudicated Case Manager job description. This job is a combination of court magistrate and the alternative sentencing director.

Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton said the Parks Avenue Bridge project is still on schedule, and work on the second storm shelter will begin next Monday.

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