Jackson County Commission Chairman Tim Guffey met with Congressman Mo Brooks this week in Washington D.C. to discuss the possibility of TVA releasing property in Jackson County to be used for economic development.

Guffey said he had spoken with Brooks in the past about how TVA is leaving the county and how much TVA in lieu of taxes have decreased.

Guffey met with Revenue Commissioner Jeff Arnold to find out what TVA property was not in the flood plains. He sent that information to Brooks.

“They have so much property that they aren’t using, and we need it for economic development,” said Guffey.

Guffey said Brooks wrote a letter asking TVA to release all of its property in Jackson County. He said it would not have to be released to the county of the cities, but he wants TVA to sell the property at a fair market value to anyone interested in starting a business, large companies or anyone interested in economic development.

Guffey said he and Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton signed the letter, and it is being send to TVA’s board of directors. He said they are waiting to see what the response will be. Guffey said Brooks would take the issue to Congress and fight to get the land released.

Guffey does not think TVA will sell all of the land, but he thinks they will release some of it. He said it could be a good thing for all parties involved. Guffey used Bellefonte as an example, which is about 1600 to 1800 acres. He said if TVA is not going to sell it to Franklin Haney, they need to release it because the county could use it for a mega-site. He said it is big enough for an automobile plant to be put in.

“There are so many things we could do,” said Guffey. “It just sitting there isn’t productive for anyone.”

Guffey thanked Brooks for the help he has given Jackson County.

“I’m just glad Congressman Brooks was wiling to step up and try to help us,” said Guffey. “He’s been one of the best ones to try to help Jackson County.”

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