Working Together

The Jackson County Commission and the Jackson County Legislative Delegation worked together to receive a grant to repair Matheny Bridge in Macedonia. Pictured L-R: Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce President Rick Roden, District2 Commissioner Jason Venable, Commission Chairman Tim Guffey, Sen. Steve Livingston, Rep. Tommy Hanes and District 1 Commissioner Danny Rich.

The Jackson County Commission and the Jackson County Legislative Delegation partnered with the Alabama Department of Transportation to repair Matheny Bridge in Jackson County.

Matheny Bridge is located on the Jackson/DeKalb County line near the town of Macedonia on Jackson County Road 43. The current structure was built in 1956 and is the second structure to carry the name.

Matheny is both the longest (408 feet) and tallest (80 feet) bridge on any of Jackson County’s Roads.  The bridge was initially posted in 2009 and then the weight limit was lowered in 2016 because of deterioration to the deck.

Through a combined effort of the Jackson County Commission, Jackson County Legislative Delegation, and the Alabama Department of Transportation an innovative repair method called Hydro-demolition was used to remove the unsuitable concrete and prepare the bridge deck for a concrete overlay.  This process was completed on time and under budget.

Commission Chairman Tim Guffey was happy the county was able to partner with the legislative delegation to get the project completed.

“We were glad that the legislators worked with us to get this project approved, and I think it is going to be good for the people who travel that road every day,” said Guffey.

The project was funded by a grant from the Alabama Department of Transportation totaling $400,000.  

“It’s something we needed to do,” said Guffey. “We would have had to do it anyway, but it would have cost five times more if we would not have gotten this grant.”

County Engineer Jonathan Campbell was also happy for the partnership, and explained how the work done on Matheny Bridge preserves what is already there and how it will strengthen the bridge.

“We would like to thank our Legislative Delegation and the Jackson County Commission for their support and teamwork on this project.  American Contracting and our County employees did an excellent job performing the work” said Campbell. “Hydro-demolition with a Latex Modified Concrete overlay allows us to preserve what we have while we maintain a vital route for trucks, school buses, emergency vehicles, and the travelling public.” stated Campbell.

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