Bucks’ Pocket State Park is reopening its campgrounds to the public on Tuesday, June 16, at 1 p.m. The campground has been closed since 2015 for financial reasons. 

According to the commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Chris Blankenship, “The renovations to the campground make it easier for Alabamians to enjoy one of the most picturesque places in the Tennessee Valley.” 

 “The addition of the ORV [off-road vehicle] trail provides a new way for visitors to enjoy the park,” added Blankenship. “We can’t wait for overnight campers to see the new campground and to use the park again.” 

Currently, the park is open for day-usage only. 

According to the Alabama State Parks website, the park has been awarded federal grants from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, including a $526,000 grant for an off-road trail system.  With the receiving of these grants, there also comes operational, and interior changes to the park.  The park’s campground decision to open has been the “culmination of over two years of planning, development and dedication.”  

To prove this, the campground will feature 23 camp sites “with 13 of those being sewer hook-up sites, four of those being pull-through sites and 10 of those providing water and electricity.” 

Each site has a 16-foot by 60-foot concrete camper pad, a picnic table, complete with a firepit and grill.  There also includes primitive camp sites, as well as backcountry sites, with both types of sites being more planned for the future.  Other campground amenities include one handicap accessible campsite, high-speed Internet in the main campground, and a pavilion in the common area.

One of the main highlights of the camp is the ORV trails, which are, “the first of their kind for the Alabama State Parks,” with the trail being a total 6.2 miles. The trail offers campers natural and unique flora and fauna of Northeast Alabama, with a slow ride through “beech/hardwood forest, paralleling South Sauty Creek.”

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