The Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce announced a partnership to build a small business relief fund for local county businesses.

A group of municipalities, business, industry and government entities are partnering together to help small business in Jackson County.  The goal is to provide quick cash to the small businesses who are getting lost in the cracks of Government Funding options.

Members of this partnership are: Google, Regions Bank, Jackson County Economic Development Authority, The Cities of Bridgeport, Scottsboro, Section, Stevenson, Woodville, Dutton, Jackson County Commission and several industries represented on the Chamber Board.

The purpose of the fund is to give the county’s hardest hit small businesses some much needed cash flow. According to a recent U.S. Chamber poll, the country is in danger of forever losing 1 in 10 businesses. Projections show the country is in danger of losing half of its small businesses.

The community has joined together using local resources to help save struggling businesses. Google initiated the fund with a donation of $25,000 and Regions Bank recently offered an additional $8,000.  Those interested in donating to the Small Business Relief Fund can go to the website and click the Donate Now button or mail checks to the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce at 407 E. Willow Street, Scottsboro Al 35768.

To continue funding businesses as online applications are completed, the group will need more funding to be able to help as many businesses as possible.  

“It is our commitment to do everything possible to help our small businesses during this unprecedented crisis,” said Rick Roden, President/CEO of the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce “This county-wide partnership gives us an opportunity to offer much needed help to the local businesses we serve.” 

They will begin taking applications on Friday, 4/24 and plan to begin distributing funds in early May; as donations become available. Applicant’s do not have to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce to apply but are encouraged to read over the application criteria. The chamber encourages all qualified business to apply, and in order to process requests in a timely manner, all information must be as accurate as possible.

To donate or apply for funding, please visit

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