New Board of Education members Patrick Woosley, who will represent Place 4, and Dr. Gary Speers, who will represent Place 5, were sworn in at the Board’s Sept. 3 meeting.

Woosley will occupy the seat vacated by Coach John Esslinger and Speers will be taking the seat of former Board of Education Member Julie Gentry who Speers defeated in the Aug. 27 Scottsboro municipal election.

The school board recognized Scottsboro High School Soccer Coach Patrick Laney with a certificate of achievement at the meeting. Laney was recently selected as the 1A-5A Girls Soccer Coach of the Year by the Alabama Athletics Association.

The team, coached by Laney, made program history last year when it made its first playoffs appearance, during only its second official year.

The Scottsboro City Board of Education approved a budget that will see an increase in the ending fund balance even though the district will receive $178,401 fewer dollars from the State of Alabama due to the decrease in enrollment.

Enrollment is calculated as average attendance the first 20 days after Labor Day, and then utilized to determine the money allocated to a school system by the state board of education.

A project to fix the roof of the Page Administration Building’s lunchroom was also approved. The project is expected to cost $150 thousand plus architectural fees. The project will include redoing the building’s roof and HVAC system

“Our thought process is that if we’re not going to do anything with it, all its doing is sitting there rotting,” said Dr. Jose Reyes, about the lunchroom renovation during the board meeting. “So, we either need to fix it or tear it down.”

Once completed the board expects that it can be used as a more formal meeting room, a rental space and also expects it will be used for the Volleyball Banquet.

Previously the building was utilized as storage, but much of the equipment housed there has been moved.

A contract to allow Pentecom Data Technologies to utilize a portion of the Brownwood Elementary Building as office space was approved.

The contract allows Pentecom, who deals with various patent materials and various data entry tasks, to occupy a portion of the old Brownwood Elementary School Building. The building currently has two other tenants.

Dr. Jose Reyes said during the meeting that Pentecom will bring approximately 15 new jobs to Scottsboro, that pay roughly $15-20 per hour. The contract is expected to provide additional revenue to the school district. The addition of Pentecom brings the occupancy of the Brownwood Elementary School building to 100%.

The school board approved a Virtual Stipend for teachers who are teaching a virtual class at the Scottsboro Junior High School and Scottsboro of $1,250 per class, per semester. This stipend will be paid out of CARES Act money that the district received from the federal government in order to adapt to COVID-19.

The board also approved the purchase of 1,000 Chrome Books at $298/unit also utilizing CARES Act funding.

At the end of the meeting Reyes updated the board on the current progress of the school year.

The district’s first virtual day was Friday Sept. 4, the day is designed to allow all students to adapt to virtual learning.

The district also has distributed 494 out of the 500 chrome books it predicted it would need to ensure all students have a computer at home to be able to complete virtual learning. Reyes noted that there was a small number of students who had not yet logged onto their virtual learning platform.

Previously, during a called session on Aug. 27 the Board of Education approved the hiring of a part time nurse to assist in challenges the school system expects from COVID-19.

The Board of Education will hold a work session on Sept. 17 at p.m., and a regular board meeting is scheduled for Oct. 1 at 5 p.m.

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