Earlier this year, Tammy Little Haynes hadn’t even heard of the Ms. Senior pageants. After a suggestion from a friend, she competed for Ms. Senior Alabama and became the first woman to ever hold both the Ms. Alabama and Ms. Senior Alabama titles.

For two days, Nov. 9 and Nov. 10, Haynes was in Biloxi, Mississippi to compete in Ms. Senior World. The pageant consists of three division, for women in their 50s, 60s and 70s. Competing in the 60s division.

Competing in different competitions such as the active lifestyle wear competition, the fashion vogue competition and the evening gown competitions, Haynes was announced to be one of the finalists in her division. After that, the interviews would begin. Worth 30% of the total points, Haynes knew that a good interview could be the difference between winning and losing.

After a final parade in the evening gowns and overall awards, where she was announced as the highest interview score, all that was left was the crowning. As the finalists were announced and Haynes was wondering if she had messed up in the other categories, she was announced to be the new Ms. Senior World 60s.

“At that point, I thought after the runner ups had been named, I thought ‘well did I bomb in all other categories’ because I won the interview at 30%, I thought I did well answering my question on stage,” Haynes said. “I never take anything for granted so when they had announced it, I was just grateful that I had won and I was pleased that I had represented my state well and all the contestants that were in Ms. Senior Alabama, so I was proud of myself.”

Now, as her role of Ms. Senior World 60s, Haynes will go back to touring different states and speaking at different events, just like when she did so as Ms. Alabama over 30 years ago. This time, however, she speaks for three different reasons.

“I’m actually out there promoting this particular pageant so that other women know that this pageant exists and that it’s a great opportunity to have a great time and share with other women who are at the same point in life that you are,” Haynes said. “The crown is really just a way really of opening other doors and it gives me the opportunity to promote my platform, which is ALS awareness. My brother in law has been diagnosed (with ALS) and my daddy passed away from it 20 years ago. I’m very passionate about educating other about their hospice benefit, both of those go hand in hand together.”

Haynes says that she’s already booked to appear in up to eight parades for Christmas, with much more work to be done as she starts her year representing Ms. Senior World.

“I feel blessed. I told them that it’s certainly guaranteed my road to remain as Tammy Little Drive for at least 40 more years, I think,” Haynes said. “I’d love to get my road signs back up, that’d be one thing I’d love to happen. I have some small ones up but (I would like) the official ones that were there when the highway was up, like the large one because my mother wants them. My mother is 84, I was born on her birthday. She got to go to the pageant and see me so that would be a great gift to her, to have the road signs back up.”

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